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October 2019 Speaker: TC Cummings | Noble Warrior Training

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

TC Cummings of Noble Warrior Training, a former Navy SEAL, will be sharing his years of insight in a talk titled, "R.A.R. Stop, Drop, and Roll Like a Navy SEAL."

Developing Organizational Cultures of True Cohesive Teams with Leadership Legitimacy. Emancipated at 16 years old from a tumultuous home life in Upstate New York, TC Cummings defied the odds – and the advice of the seasoned principal who recommended he drop out of school and take a construction job while working nights for his GED -by finishing school living on his own. Coming home between 1 and 3am, moving 12-times in two years and enduring a homeless period where he snuck into school early mornings to shower, he still earned all available awards and a Regents Scholarship. Cummings remains the only young man in history to graduate from this prestigious Jesuit College Preparatory School while living on his own.

His psychology studies took an unconventional turn (quite literally) when he witnessed his professor’s inability to comprehend life outside of the course text. TC was determined to learn about people and dynamics of real life before becoming book smart. He withdrew his pursuit of an appointment to the US Naval Academy, Annapolis and instead, actively sought the greatest adversity he could proactively put himself into: US Navy SEAL training. A good student of life, from 12-years old TC kept a personal journal of lessons learned including his 8-years of service as a Hospital Corpsman / SEAL Operator.

Since 1994, Mr. Cummings has been of service to the market, developing cohesive team cultures (beginning with senior leadership teams) and coaching business executives. “I’m a professional irritant. I disturb people stuck in their comfort zone.” Mr. Cummings served eight years as the Master Coach for Jim Rohn International. He is an Accelerated Strengths Coach with Gallup Poll, a certified hypnotist and practitioner of NLP, a level 2 certified Armorer with the US Department of Energy, an ICF certified Executive Leadership Coach and Mastermind Coach. Calling on his unique life experiences and structured education, he founded Noble Warrior Training.

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