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Vistage Executive Recruitment Event

Your personal CEO network in Pittsburgh Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results. Vistage is excited to invite you to an interactive event for select CEOs, business owners and senior executives in the greater Pittsburgh area. Experience first-hand how a peer advisory group can help you make better decisions and achieve faster business growth in this highly interactive breakfast. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from renowned Vistage speaker Dave Nelsen, president of Dialog Consulting Group, who will provide a comprehensive roadmap for the rapidly evolving world of social media and social networking. Nelsen will dig deep into the widely used social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning, Google+, etc.) describing how and when to use them and shares concrete examples of organizations creating new best practice for bi-directionally engaging customers. You’ll leave this highly interactive presentation with a better understanding of the transformative capabilities of social media and social networking that you can immediately apply to your business. At this event, you will:

  • Engage with subject matter experts and gain real world perspectives

  • Vet critical business strategies with your business leader peers

  • Discover how Vistage can provide tested, real-world tools to grow your business

Rivers Club | 301 Grant Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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