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July 2022 Speaker: Aaron Schmookler | Cultivating an Innovation Culture

Aaron Schmookler works with business leaders who believe that their people are their greatest asset. He supports them to build structures, habits, and mindsets that support an enduring collaboration culture so their companies profit and attract top talent, and so their people find fulfillment and reasons to stay. While his career appears anything but linear, one thread ties everything together. For over 20 years, Aaron has been striving to help people find their own intrinsic motivation, their capacity to collaborate, and the fulfillment that comes from harnessing the creative impulse in us all to serve others. In 2014 Aaron and business partner, Adam Utley, co-founded The Yes Works and developed the Adeptability Model of collaboration and leadership training and the Adeptable Culture Audit to support teams across industries to do what they do exceptionally well regardless of the circumstances. Aaron and The Yes Works serve clients across the country including Microsoft, MOD Pizza, DiscoverOrg, Burkhart Dental Supply, SOG Knives, 9th Gear, and Textainer to make work good for people and people good for work.

Our clients use us to increase performance, boost the bottom line, and magnetize top talent. We help them get those results through training and support for world-class collaboration on their teams.

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