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January 2017 Speaker: Scot Hunsaker, Ardent Group | Turning Your Employees Into Owners

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Scot Hunsaker of Ardent Group will speak on the topic "Turning Your Employees Into Owners."

Scot Hunsaker grew up in his family’s business. A solid work ethic, boundless entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of responsibility were indelibly imprinted into his DNA early on, and became the infrastructure on which he would build his career.

With a business degree and real world experience, Scot tested his mettle beyond the family business in the banking and computer industries. He eventually purchased his father’s company and quickly set course on transitioning it from a proprietorship to a firm. Hunsaker assembled a management team, devised a corporate dashboard, and implemented strategic planning and quality control processes and set the company on a course of rapid growth. As a result of his leadership skills, the company expanded business relationships and clientele to 50 states and three Canadian provinces, team members tripled in number and offices expanded to four locations across the U.S.

Calling on his wealth of experience, which includes leading 17 successful company transitions, Hunsaker formed Ardent in 2013. In addition to his dedication to Ardent, Scot also serves on boards of directors for four organizations.

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