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July 2018 Speakers: Sarah K. Silverman and Meg Huwar

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We are very excited to be joined by Sarah K. Silverman, PhD, Senior Vice President from Whiteboard Advisors, and Meg Huwar, Principal from Brand Accelerator.

For over a decade, Sarah K. Silverman has advised state leaders on education, workforce, and wellness policy. Sarah received her master’s degree in educational psychology and a doctorate in educational policy and leadership from Ohio State University. Her research and writing have focused on the impact of state and national Policy on social justice activism, teacher beliefs, talent management, early care and education, and ethics of education. Currently, she works as Senior Vice President at Whiteboard Advisors, as well as serving as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for A Plus Schools in Pittsburgh, PA, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Riverside Center for Innovation. Sarah recently co-authored A Leak in the Pipeline and Bridging the Gap, research reports.

Meg is an award winning Marketer and Prinicpal of Brand Principal of Brand Accelerator, a marketing marketing company that specializes in creating brand creating brands and marketing campaigns for small business. In 2010 she started Huwar Marketing & Media Services, a marketing and branding consultancy and media buying firm. After several years, she changed the business name to Brand Accelerator. Prior to starting her company, Meg held several positions in sales and marketing, including at KDKA-TV, 3WS, WDVE, WKST, Ampersand Advertising among others. Over the last few years, Meg has won several awards through the American Marketing Association.

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