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September 2018 Speaker: Darrell Moon, Orriant | Dealing with Rising Healthcare Costs

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Darell Moon, founder and CEO of Orriant will speak on the impact of rising healthcare costs to businesses, and what our CEOs can do about it.

Darrell's passion to educate employers on how to drive accountability into basic health benefit designs has taken him all over the country and he is recognized as one of the leading experts on this topic. "In my opinion, what Mr. Moon teaches is something that all CEO's in this country ought to learn. What he teaches could indeed be the solution to our nation's health care crisis," says David Groen, CEO, Groen Brothers Aviation, Vistage member. Moon's passion to correct the injustices in the system and vivacious speaking style has captivated audiences throughout the country.

Darrell founded Orriant in 1996 to change the dynamics of healthcare and give employers some control over the ever increasing costs of the healthcare benefits they offer their employees. Darrell believed that engaging individuals in the management of their own health was a key that had to be inserted back into the economic equation of healthcare. Darrell received both his Bachelor of Science in Finance and his Master of Healthcare Administration from Brigham Young University. As the CEO, COO, or CFO, Darrell managed medical and psychiatric hospitals throughout the country for over 10 years prior to creating Orriant. He also has more than a decade of experience managing insurance and managed care products. Darrell is a Forbes Leadership Contributor.

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