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April 2022 Speaker: David Houle | The 2020s: The Most Disruptive Decade in History

The decade of the 2020s will be the most disruptive decade in history. There will be more change, disruption and creative destruction than any 20-30 year period in history. The business models and conceptual constructions from the 20th century will fall away. The old concepts of survival of the fittest and survival of the strongest will collapse and give way to the survival of the adaptive and survival of the most resilient. Business fundamentals, business processes, business products will all change. Entire segments of the global economy and the US economy will collapse. We have entered the first Depression of the 21st Century and the cascading effect of what is and will occur are enormous. Prepare yourself and your company as fast as possible. As the Nobel Laureate Poet Bob Dylan wrote "Those not busy being born are busy dying" Which side of that equation will your company be on?

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